America’s favourite pastime.

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College football is a fast and intense game that is an exciting
spectator experience. What a perfect opportunity to catch the Virginia
Tech Hokies for their season opening and, for me, the perfect way to
finish off an amazing vacation in Virginia. The drive from Lynchburg to
Blacksburg is another beautifully scenic trip and not too long.

Not everyone is a sports fan and there are plenty of other things to do
in the area. We have been enjoying fine dining all along and this area
around Roanoke has the highest per capita fine dining in all of
Virginia. Tourists can participate in Food Tours or enjoy a Lunch or
Dinner Cruise in the mountains. Today, though, we will be blissfully
happy with stadium food (even if it turns out the Hokies aren’t playing
and we have to settle for New York Fries at James Madison U’s game).

We will be heading home early Sunday morning so there is a good chance
we may have decided to hotel tonight, Saturday night, somewhere along
the Blue Ridge Parkway around or to the north of Roanoke, rather than
back-tracking to Lynchburg. When visiting Virginia, the trip home can be
as interesting and relaxing as any vacation day.

There are so many tourist attractions along the Blue Ridge Parkway
through the Shenandoah Valley. Here are just a few stops we are thinking

1) Luray Caverns

2) Blue Ridge Vineyard

3) The Natural Bridge

Once we leave Virginia we will take the same route back to Canada. Even
after a wonderful day of caving and hiking we are still likely to be
home while the sun is just setting. Amazing trip and back in time for
Labour Day!

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Country Roads, Take Me Home…..

LOVEwork in Cape Charles

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Its Friday morning now, marking the end of a week in Virginia. Clearing everyone’s schedule in our group for this vacation was a feat in itself but the best we could do time wise was to plan to be back on home soil by this coming Sunday evening. I highly recommend that if it is at all possible if you are planning a trip to Virginia – take more time.

 Obviously, it would be great to just stay put here in Virginia Beach for a few more days but the holiday weekend crowd is already arriving and we will be heading back towards the mountains. There are still a few things that we must do and see on this trip. Other family holidayers and travelers might want to consider staying at a mountain lake cottage over the holiday weekend or perhaps head north but hug the coastline, pay a visit the capital, Washington, D.C., maybe take a side trip through Pennsylvania. That is one good thing about a driving vacation – there are many different routes to suit your preferences.

The inland destination for us today is Lynchburg, Va where we will stay at a local hotel tonight and tomorrow. In keeping with the Girls’ Getaway theme, we are treating ourselves to fine dining experiences and tonight is no exception when we go out to celebrate our travels so far.

We’ll check out the entertainment there as well because tonight we plan on making the most of the remaining time.

After we close the last establishment we end up at – note that we are cabbing tonight – we go to the open all night restaurant and join the locals for an amazing late night Cheesy Western and a Bowl. Back to our hotel, sleep in for the first time on this trip then get ready for Saturday’s surprise.

Stay tuned…..

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Virginia is for Beach Lovers too!

LOVE signs are cropping up all over Virginia, this one in Culpeper's old town district

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Hello Virginia Beach,Va.

We are only in Virginia Beach from Monday evening to Friday ‘noonish. Before we wind up the second phase of our mini-marathon Virginian vacation on Friday we plan on packing in as much fun and excitement as possible. So much to do and see and so little time.

These are a few of the activities I’d like to enjoy and places I’d like to visit on our fantastic Girls’ Getaway while we’re staying in Virginia Beach:

Beach Boardwalk         Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Centre

Paddleboarding,  Wakeboarding, Kayaking, Boat Charters, Kitesurfing,

Waterskiing  Surfing  Adventure for the kids   Indoor Skydiving

Places to Dine




      Yard House - Great Food - Classic Rock - 130-250 Taps of Imported, Craft and Specialty Ales & Lagers


To celebrate this part of our travels, I have a special surprise planned for our group for Friday. We may have to leave the beach but there is still more fun to come.  Stay tuned……


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Virginia is for Lovers – Phase Two Begins

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According to Google driving directions, the 219 mile drive from Wintergreen Resort to Virginia Beach should take about 3 and a half hours but we have started out bright and early so we can take time along the way to enjoy other attractions. It goes without saying that our group will have to find some of the LOVE Virginia has to offer by making sure we stop at the sites along our route to keep those photo memories of good friends and good times.

If my kids were along for this vacation I would make a point of stopping at some of the Civil War memorials also dotted along our route. Historically, it is not a too distant past when 3 million American men fought in what is often called a ‘brother against brother war’ and 600,000 died, so even we feel that it is fitting to make at least one stop to reflect on the significance this war and the influence on the culture.

Virginia Beach has such a selection of fantastic ocean side hotels and resorts in addition to awesome beachfront cottage rentals that our group still hasn’t decided which to choose. Since we are traveling mid-week, even at this busy time of the season, we have many options to choose from.

By supper time we have arrived and settled into our beachfront accommodation. There are many choices for dining and entertainment so we will probably take in more than one stop before the evening is over.

Tomorrow –  beach time is fun time. Stay tuned

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Some of us might be waking up a little sore so we’ll start the day gently and quietly by hiking around the mountains, breathing in the cool rich air and stretching out those tight muscles. Since we are at a magnificent mountain golf course we are going to be sure to squeeze in a quick 9 hole round of golf.
The sun is still up so time to take full advantage of everything that Wintergreen Resort has to offer. Zipplining, the Spa, the beach…. decide as you please.

Tonight, the final night at Wintergreen we leave time for a nice meal out then its early to bed for the early morning rise. Off to Virginia Beach for some sand, sun and fun!!  Just thinking of those warm, sandy Virginian beaches is my Christmas gift to myself!

The trip has been a blast so far and what is to come is just as much fun. Stay tuned…..

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Virginia is For Lovers – Getting Physical!

Ever seen a Spartan Race? If not,  take a look at this official video and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the kind of day August 22nd, 2015 is going to be for me, my friends, and a few hundred others that love to get physical .

We’ll start with a nutritious breakfast which will be easy and convenient since our Wintergreen rental has a full kitchen.  We are already close to the starting point since the Spartan Race involves running 8 miles over 20 obstacles through the mountainside at  Wintergreen Resort.  This race will certainly keep everyone motivated to get in shape over the long cold winter ahead!

Once we cross the finish line we are immediately awarded badass bragging rights gear.  Its great to have our own multi-bathroom place of our here at Wintergreen ’cause now we’re off to the showers!!  It takes a lot to shower off all the mud, if my experience of running a Tough Mudder is any indicator.

Everyone all cleaned up so now its time to eat as everyone has worked up quite the appetite!!!  No need to cook and or clean up tonight so off to The Edge which offers family dining and nightlife.  Most run participants are still running on adrenaline and this is the place to be.  Great food, usually a live band, if not, definitely a DJ.

After a great evening of celebrating and socializing with other Spartan Runners, Wintergreen residents and visitors, we enjoy a relaxing stroll back to our cottage and comfy beds. We’ll want to make the most of tomorrow, our final day at Wintergreen before our next destination in Virginia.

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Virginia is For Lovers

Image Source: Virginia is for Lovers ❤ – Luray, VA “Love” sign in HDR | Flickr …

Virginia is for lovers! Also, for families, groups, singles but, especially in my case, the perfect Girls’ Getaway. There are just some places that deserve more than a 4 day visit, and just some times when you and a few friends deserve more than 4 days of fun. So Virginia, here we come!

This is a trip that has been in the works for quite awhile and it is packed with activities. No need to worry about the falling Canadian dollar on this trip. With gas prices at all time lows this driving vacation is remarkably affordable and once you arrive in Virginia you will be amazed at how affordable amenities are.

We begin our trip departing Canada early Friday morning, August 21st crossing at the Peace Bridge and heading directly for the back roads taking the scenic route. Don’t bother with the Duty Free shop because it is cheaper just to buy from a regular store once in or near Va. We have booked amazing accommodation at Wintergreen Resort and after our beautifully scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we spend a relaxing hour or two at the spa then head to The Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company and Restaurant for dinner and socializing before our big event – The Spartan Run – on Saturday.

This is the Super Spartan Run and we will have been training for months for this. Most visitors come to Wintergreen to enjoy far less grueling and more pleasant pursuits such as, golf, swimming, hiking, zip-lining etc. Not us girls though. We are there to give it our all and then to have the best vacation ever.

 Stay tuned. More to come……


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