Going Back To Cali

Source http://desktopcollage.blogspot.ca/

The sweet smell of board wax is in the air. Old sticker bombed VW slug buses and vintage decal covered station wagons drive by your hard core surfer looking to catch the ‘Big Kahuna’  cruise the strip. You’re at Huntington Beach, Orange County (aka the OC), California.

To look good your first time out or if you want to go pro – surfing lessons  check out professional surfer Ted who hangs his board at Zack’s Surf Shop.  Sounds almost made up but he is the real deal.  Ted can show you how the thrill and excitement of finally ‘catching a wave’ is a feeling like nothing else in the world.  It is almost an addiction for some. It is such a rush!

Sure you’re thinking “this doesn’t sound like a fly in fly out kind of trip”. Have you ever been surfing before? If so, you know how incredibly fun, but exhausting it can be. Add 4 days of beach, sand and sun and you  have the perfect way to max-out enjoyment.

There are plenty of restaurants, shops and bars within walking distance from any hotel on the beach strip.  Should you choose to rent a car for the day a good trip is just up the coast to Venice Beach. Here you will find the world famous Muscle Beach complete with hard bodies and out door gym.   After working out and/or just hanging around enjoying the “view”, then try the thrills of the Santa Monica Pier.

My advice for this type of vacation is to get lots of rest before leaving so you are not hanging when it’s time to ‘Hang Ten’…..remember you can always sleep on the plane home!!

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