Vegas Baby


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Vegas!!!!  Another one of my amazing “4 day-getaway” destinations.  Personally, my experience is that a trip to Vegas is so “excitement packed” that 4 days is plenty! 🙂

There are endless places to see and stay in this middle-of-the-desert, man-made, tourist magnet.  Vegas is one of those places that is best left to each visitor to decide where and what to do since the options are mind numbing.  Offerings suite all kinds of tastes from the incredibly visually impressive casinos with their high oxygen atmosphere, almost any kind of restaurant one could ask for, dance clubs, pubs, piano bars, amusement rides, tours, concerts and, one of my favorites, the shooting ranges.

Here are a few recommendations to consider before you start spending your money (more left to gamble with!!)

  1. Consider driving to, and flying out of Buffalo as opposed to Hamilton or Toronto.  The money you will save in taxes alone is better spent at the tables in Vegas – at least you have a chance of doubling it.
  2. Take the FREE bus trip to the Laughlin Casino.  This casino is outside of Vegas but is a great place to learn how to play table games.  The minimum bets are low and the place is not as busy as downtown Vegas.  This bus also stops at the Hoover Damn for some great photo ops.
  3. Do not purchase any show/theatre tickets in advance of your trip unless you are totally heart-set on seeing a certain performance.  There are cheap tickets for sale all over Vegas so you can pick-up and go as you please.

The one sure bet about Vegas is that you will have great stories to tell…Ante-up, it’s all fun from the moment your plane lands.


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3 Responses to Vegas Baby

  1. nasfu9112 says:

    “vegas baby” aka Disney for adults aka Greatest Place on Earth! I have been to Vegas 4 times staying at Alladin/Planet Hollywood MgM and Monte Carlo. Plan on going back to celebrate NYE (my birthday)! and I always fly out of Buffalo or Detroit when traveling with my brother.


  2. Yes, nasfu9112 took the words out of my mouth. Vegas is Disney for adults, you can’t go wrong with Vegas.


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