In a New York Minute



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New York, NY – a 24/7 exciting world class city and a great place to visit this time of year.  With  American Thanksgiving just around the corner you can be certain the Big Apple is preparing to kick off the Holiday season in style.

Start with the iconic Macey’s Day Parade of elaborately decorated floats complete with celebrity appearances.  Major department stores compete to impress every passerby with their amazing and enticing windows displays. Holiday Cheer abounds so shop, but only ’til you enough time and energy left for some awesome sight seeing!

There are the usual landmarks that are ‘must sees’ when in New York like the Statue of Liberty  (“Miss Liberty”, as I like to call her), the Empire State Building, Central Park and the list goes on. There are many things to see and do while roaming around NY city’s green space.  All Canadians should be sure to lace up their skates and go for a few laps around the best outdoor rink in the city at Rockefeller Center.  Forgot to pack your skates?…don’t worry, you can rent!  Then, when your good and cold, you can enjoy a nice cup of Frrrozen hot chocolate at the famous Serendipity 3 cafe.

This city is full of famous and amazing things to see and do.  Best way to get around is by riding the hop on hop off buses  or move around like a local via subway.

New York is simply incredible where so much is famous and/or amazing …famous dining, famous people, amazing shows….just what you would expect from ‘the city that never sleeps’.

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