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Montreal – so cosmopolitan, cultured and historic that there is an European flavour to the city but so friendly that you know it is unmistakably Canadian. With our dollar hitting record lows against the US$ it is definitely time to explore the wonderful places to visit in Canada. I would put Montreal at the top of that list. J’aime cette ville!

Most Canadians know Montreal as the home of NHL team ‘les Canadiens’, the ‘Habs’, that enduring sports legacy and their ardent fans who, I swear, raise the roof of the famous Forum, now the Bell Centre, a few inches when their beloved team scores. Also home to Alouettes CFL Football team  and Montreal Impact MLS soccer team.  Watching any of these team live is an experience all on its own.

Montreal is a city alive with many world class festivals and concerts.  This year Canada will call Montreal home for the 2015 IIWF World Junior hockey games.  You will never be a loss for things to do.  You can dance all night in one of many Night Clubs or you can try your luck in the Casino.

Unlike other Canadian cities, in Montreal you never need worry about not getting out and about even on the coldest of winter days. There is a subterranean network called the RÉSO which is 33 kms of underground walkways, shopping centres, restaurants, movie theatres, and the Metro (subway) so that you can stay warm and entertained for hours, even days.

Getting to Montreal is just as easy as getting around Montreal.  Driving is the better part of a day but flying or taking the train are fast, relaxing and often there are great deals available.  Once in this fantastic city the transit system is reasonably priced and easy to navigate.

No matter the time of year, Montreal is always a go-to getaway for me.

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4 Responses to Montreal

  1. I do recommend for anyone looking to get away, you have to pay a visit to Montreal. It’s not enough to just see pictures or hear stories , you have to experience it.

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  2. cpenner19 says:

    Great blog! I love Montreal, although to be honest I didn’t find the locals all that friendly


  3. barbie says:

    Great Canadian city!! Oui! Oui!!!!!


  4. correen13 says:

    Another great place to go in Montreal is the Biodome! If you love penguins they have tons, and other animals too.


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