Virginia is For Lovers – Getting Physical!

Ever seen a Spartan Race? If not,  take a look at this official video and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the kind of day August 22nd, 2015 is going to be for me, my friends, and a few hundred others that love to get physical .

We’ll start with a nutritious breakfast which will be easy and convenient since our Wintergreen rental has a full kitchen.  We are already close to the starting point since the Spartan Race involves running 8 miles over 20 obstacles through the mountainside at  Wintergreen Resort.  This race will certainly keep everyone motivated to get in shape over the long cold winter ahead!

Once we cross the finish line we are immediately awarded badass bragging rights gear.  Its great to have our own multi-bathroom place of our here at Wintergreen ’cause now we’re off to the showers!!  It takes a lot to shower off all the mud, if my experience of running a Tough Mudder is any indicator.

Everyone all cleaned up so now its time to eat as everyone has worked up quite the appetite!!!  No need to cook and or clean up tonight so off to The Edge which offers family dining and nightlife.  Most run participants are still running on adrenaline and this is the place to be.  Great food, usually a live band, if not, definitely a DJ.

After a great evening of celebrating and socializing with other Spartan Runners, Wintergreen residents and visitors, we enjoy a relaxing stroll back to our cottage and comfy beds. We’ll want to make the most of tomorrow, our final day at Wintergreen before our next destination in Virginia.

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2 Responses to Virginia is For Lovers – Getting Physical!

  1. autoblot says:

    Good luck, Linda! 😀
    This sounds like a really good time.


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