Virginia is for Lovers – Phase Two Begins

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According to Google driving directions, the 219 mile drive from Wintergreen Resort to Virginia Beach should take about 3 and a half hours but we have started out bright and early so we can take time along the way to enjoy other attractions. It goes without saying that our group will have to find some of the LOVE Virginia has to offer by making sure we stop at the sites along our route to keep those photo memories of good friends and good times.

If my kids were along for this vacation I would make a point of stopping at some of the Civil War memorials also dotted along our route. Historically, it is not a too distant past when 3 million American men fought in what is often called a ‘brother against brother war’ and 600,000 died, so even we feel that it is fitting to make at least one stop to reflect on the significance this war and the influence on the culture.

Virginia Beach has such a selection of fantastic ocean side hotels and resorts in addition to awesome beachfront cottage rentals that our group still hasn’t decided which to choose. Since we are traveling mid-week, even at this busy time of the season, we have many options to choose from.

By supper time we have arrived and settled into our beachfront accommodation. There are many choices for dining and entertainment so we will probably take in more than one stop before the evening is over.

Tomorrow –  beach time is fun time. Stay tuned

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