America’s favourite pastime.

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College football is a fast and intense game that is an exciting
spectator experience. What a perfect opportunity to catch the Virginia
Tech Hokies for their season opening and, for me, the perfect way to
finish off an amazing vacation in Virginia. The drive from Lynchburg to
Blacksburg is another beautifully scenic trip and not too long.

Not everyone is a sports fan and there are plenty of other things to do
in the area. We have been enjoying fine dining all along and this area
around Roanoke has the highest per capita fine dining in all of
Virginia. Tourists can participate in Food Tours or enjoy a Lunch or
Dinner Cruise in the mountains. Today, though, we will be blissfully
happy with stadium food (even if it turns out the Hokies aren’t playing
and we have to settle for New York Fries at James Madison U’s game).

We will be heading home early Sunday morning so there is a good chance
we may have decided to hotel tonight, Saturday night, somewhere along
the Blue Ridge Parkway around or to the north of Roanoke, rather than
back-tracking to Lynchburg. When visiting Virginia, the trip home can be
as interesting and relaxing as any vacation day.

There are so many tourist attractions along the Blue Ridge Parkway
through the Shenandoah Valley. Here are just a few stops we are thinking

1) Luray Caverns

2) Blue Ridge Vineyard

3) The Natural Bridge

Once we leave Virginia we will take the same route back to Canada. Even
after a wonderful day of caving and hiking we are still likely to be
home while the sun is just setting. Amazing trip and back in time for
Labour Day!

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