Always moving.  That’s when I seem to be the happiest.  For as long as I can remember I have loved travelling, seeing new places and meeting interesting people.  To my friends, I am famous for the “4 day getaway”.

Others may prefer to consume precious vacation days away on the 7-10 day traditional trips but I prefer the off-the-radar, non-traditional, fly-in-fly-out, relaxing road trip – whatever it takes to pack an amazing amount of fun into an affordable and absolutely unforgettable getaway!  By travelling this way I can hook up with friends on traditional stays by joining in for the best part of the vacation…the last 4 days!

By the time I arrive they’ve already figured out the lay of the land, scoped out the best restaurants, clubs, attractions and when to get down to the beach and save that ever valuable waterfront tanning chair, and where are the hot spots are.  All I do is show up and jump in!

I am not a lay on the beach kind of gal.  I love the go go go vacations.  By the time I arrive they have all tanned themselves into another skin shade and are ready to get up and have a good time.

Do you really have to put a limit on how much fun and adventure there is to be had?


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  1. What a useful blog! I’ve always complained that I need to getaway and that I never have the time to plan. In this blog I find a number of easy and quick R&R adventures. Thanks for the ideas…now if there was only a button to to click to have it all arranged for you… :p


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