Country Roads, Take Me Home…..

LOVEwork in Cape Charles

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Its Friday morning now, marking the end of a week in Virginia. Clearing everyone’s schedule in our group for this vacation was a feat in itself but the best we could do time wise was to plan to be back on home soil by this coming Sunday evening. I highly recommend that if it is at all possible if you are planning a trip to Virginia – take more time.

 Obviously, it would be great to just stay put here in Virginia Beach for a few more days but the holiday weekend crowd is already arriving and we will be heading back towards the mountains. There are still a few things that we must do and see on this trip. Other family holidayers and travelers might want to consider staying at a mountain lake cottage over the holiday weekend or perhaps head north but hug the coastline, pay a visit the capital, Washington, D.C., maybe take a side trip through Pennsylvania. That is one good thing about a driving vacation – there are many different routes to suit your preferences.

The inland destination for us today is Lynchburg, Va where we will stay at a local hotel tonight and tomorrow. In keeping with the Girls’ Getaway theme, we are treating ourselves to fine dining experiences and tonight is no exception when we go out to celebrate our travels so far.

We’ll check out the entertainment there as well because tonight we plan on making the most of the remaining time.

After we close the last establishment we end up at – note that we are cabbing tonight – we go to the open all night restaurant and join the locals for an amazing late night Cheesy Western and a Bowl. Back to our hotel, sleep in for the first time on this trip then get ready for Saturday’s surprise.

Stay tuned…..

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